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Modern Versus Contemporary Design

Contemporary and modern design are two techniques that have a specific signature on their décor. Distinguishing between the modern-contemporary techniques has been a major challenge among designers. Although the dictionary says that the two concepts are similar, they are very different methods in the field of interior design. This draft will enable you to clearly distinguish between the modern versus contemporary designs and form delightful decors for the two techniques later.

Contemporary Design

The contemporary method mostly includes the current and recent decorating designs. Notably, the design was invented late in the twentieth century after the modern decoration technique. The contemporary design mostly mixes the Scandinavian, industrial, coastal and eclectic décor methods. Also, this design loves the use of updated materials in the house which are mostly environmentally friendly and elicit a cool and serene texture. Moreover, it adopts use of aluminium, glass, plastics, cork and bamboos to construct equipment kept inside a house. Lastly, contemporary design employs the use of new neutral colors like cloudy whites, charcoal black and sandy browns. For more explicit knowledge on modern and contemporary design visit the Tylko’s guide.

Modern Method

The modern method interior design is one that emphasizes on simplicity while decorating a house. The modern technique was developed in the 19th century; hence it is the predecessor of contemporary design. The methods adopt the use if simple and few patterns and always ensures that a house is uncluttered. It mostly focuses on dark colors to create a warm texture and exciting experience into a room. Also, the method is mostly suitable for people living in small rooms since it helps to free-up spaces. Modern art is very essential during the execution of this decorating technique. Lastly, the modern methods elicit abstract forms in a house. This is because the method is focuses on the functional purpose rather than the appearance, color and texture of furniture.


Modern designs adopt clean lines of arrangement while the contemporary techniques utilize curved lines. Alternatively, contemporary designs frequently use neutral colors like sandy brown while in modern designs there may be a touch of pop primary colors like gold, blue or red. Also, the modern method has fluid and distinguishable pattern of decoration while contemporary methods change to the latest decorating method. Therefore, most designers love contemporary designs since they guarantee incorporation of all emerging trends. Lastly, the modern design uses the modern art while the contemporary technique fancies the use of contemporary arts.